The Raveonettes – Love Trash Can

The Raveonettes – Love Trash Can
Les dejo este hit para que muevan el esqueleto y se preparen para la próxima NNM que se viene!
El local ya esta confirmado y los dj preparan sus antihits bailables.
Además les dejo la letra
Tipo Karaoke NNM
“Love In A Trashcan”
If you touch that girl
You know it’s okay
People say she’s a whore anyway
I think she looks like a nice vamp
Looking for love in a trashcan
If you kiss that girl you won’t be caught dead
She’s the coolest girl you think you ever met
I think she fits right into my life
On the road till the end of time
Now the time is right and you feel the need
To go down low and receive a treat
The jukebox churns out songs about sex
Come on baby you’re my best fix
Chicos y chicas no busquen el amor en Murano.
José Delpiano

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