Atari – Sexy Games For Happy Families

Thanks to rockit.it*, a indie Italian webzine and magazine that invite NNM.cl to make part of their “LEGIONE STRANIERA”, that means Foreign Legion, (this with the purpose to make international blogs around the world to leave their opinion about interesting Italian indie projects), is how I met “Atari” with their “Sexy Games For Happy Families”.
This Italian band was a very interesting introduction to an Italian Indie Band and what is goind on with music in The Boot Country. Of course if you don’t know before that this band is Italian you can easily think that their another British indie band, because they sing in English and they sound like a mix between “To My Boy”, “Beck”, a little of “Franz Ferdinand” and the fresh sound of “The Teenagers”. In summery a perfect mix between guitars, computer sounds, rhythm and Hype.
Sexy Games For Happy Families sounds like a good way to enjoy a gig, with songs like “8bit Love” that is a great complete song, some more chilling moments with the teenage sound of “I can’t Stop Biting My Nails”, follow by a dancy “Museum Supermarket”. Any way you look it a nice album to hang around.
Atari – 8Bit Love
Atari – 8Bit Love
Atari – Museum Supermarket
Atari – Museum Supermarket

Atari, “Sexy Games For Happy Families”





01. Atari Boy
02. Poisoned apple pie
03. I can’t stop biting my nails
04. “Blow in cart” generation
05. Platform ambulance
06. Cyber candy
07. Think above you
08. 8 bit love
09. Museum supermarket
10. Have you played atari today?



* www.rockit.it: indie webzine www.rockit.it, a benchmark for Italian music. Our webzine counts about 500.000 pages viewed and about 200.000 single visitors every month. Moreover, we publish a free press magazine (20.000 copies every month) and we organise MI AMI, one of the most important Italian indie festivals.

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