Bonde do Role – Brazilian Boys feat. Ce'Cile

Bonde do Role – Brazilian Boys feat. Ce’Cile from Mad Decent on Vimeo.
Taken from Bonde do Role’s new album Tropicalbacanal – out July 31st on Mad Decent!!
check them out here:
Production Company – CAJU Cinema
Director – Tarcísio Lara Puiati
Executive Production – Tiago Campany
Director of Production – Paula Lagoeiro
Production – Guilherme Berard
Photography Director – Felipe Sabugosa
Light – Marco Aurélio
Make up – Maurício Code
Editor – João Felipe Freitas
Coloring – Bruno Ribeiro
Set Production – Kleiber Cruz, Daniel Vieira, Iago Veiga, Leonardo Araújo, gustavo dollabela, mira barros, malu viana, larissa rinaldi
Set Support – Seu Ismael
Driver – Clodoaldo
IN MEMORIAN OF DICRÓ, You’ll be missed!
Everything they see is upside down. How else do you explain Bonde do Rolê? They turn Brazilian folk songs into dance tracks, and they make rockabilly replays into haunting taunts. In 2007, when their debut album With Lasers was released and Diplo and Pitchfork and the Fader and everyone else talked about how wild and weird and wonderful they were, it seemed like a stunt. In 2012, with their second album Tropicalbacanal about to be released, they’re even more wild, more weird, and more wonderful. Not many people know what Bonde are singing about, but everyone keeps singing along; they’re the third world Black Eyed Peas. Tropicalbacanal – produced by Diplo and Filip Nikolic of Poolside and featuring guest turns from Caetano Veloso, Das Racist, Cecile, Rizzle Kicks, and the Death Set – ushers in the fresh wave of avalanche tropical (the bossa nova of modern Brazil) and is all over the place; they wouldn’t have it any other way.
1. Arrastao
2. Kilo
3. Brazilian Boys (feat. Cecile)
4. Dança Especial (feat. Rizzle Kicks)
5. Puco
6. Bang (feat. Das Racist)
7. Picole
8. Baby Don’t Deny It (feat. Caetano Veloso and Poolside)
9. Kanye
10. Banana Woman
11. Tilelê
12. Baile Punk (feat. The Death Set)

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