Wave Machines – The Greatest Escape We Ever Made

[vimeo 4298315]

This is the music video for Wave Machine’s track “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made”, directed by Stuart Lanceley and produced by Token Films.
For this video, I rediscovered the joy and agony of stop-motion animation. It’s the reason I first got into film-making.
I created a paper edit first, then shot the band with a Sony Z1 camcorder.
I edited this footage together in Final Cut Pro and then exported every frame as a TIFF. These stills were printed and cut out. It was then re-shot with a digital camera before all the stills were brought back into FCP once again.
Et Voila!
Hope you enjoy it.
If you want to know more about the band, they have a free download and links to myspace, facebook etc. at wavemachines.co.uk
Many thanks to the wonderful people who helped me with the epic amount of animation necessary, I couldn’t have kept going without you! Thanks also to the band for doing so much printing and cutting out, well done to you all!
Thanks 25 times-per-second to: Scott Spencer, Fiona Turner, Sarah Sebastian, Ant Hickin, Callum Turner, Patrick McGowan, Libby Lanceley, Jose Diaz, Chris Tomlinson, Dino Deasha, Stephen Clarke, Melanie Gabriel and if there’s anyone else i forgot to put your here let me know (i owe you a pint).

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